RACKS & SHELVINGS | Plate Supply Shelf

The plate supply shelf is a metallic structure with drawers, allowing the storage of plate batches in each drawer. This structure aims at better plate storage, allowing to reduce the occupied area and specific allocation for each plate type. Its higher structure enables the storage of other materials like iron bars and pipes, this way allowing the occupation of vertical space in the same area.


The lock of the drawer supporting structure allows it to occupy a small area when it is not being used, as opposed to the previous shelf. Vacuum plate handling systems are usually used with this structure.

  • Vertical storage allows decreased space occupation;
  • Allows smooth material handling;
  • Segregation and allocation of materials per reference.


Pick to Light is an innovative engineering system that can be integrated in Pinto Brasil’s structures or the like, allowing maximum speed and productivity in item selection. Our Pick to Light systems are ideal for high category and/or rotativity item environments. They are also fit for medium and low rotativity environments, where more open solutions or solutions combined with external stock management systems can also be used. We manufacture products with multicolour options along the product line, and applications that meet our client’s needs. Moreover, our systems are easy to program, allowing the development of applications where several operators may work on the same order, or where a single operator can prepare several orders at the same time.


Our devices can be installed and replaced instantly, even when the system is operating. The lack of polarity, single cable wiring and its simple configuration simplify installation and maintenance.


  • Possibility of integration;
  • Stock control and replacement by program with inventories management;
  • Simple module;
  • Picking optimization;
  • Quantity module;
  • Text module (order ID);
  • Different colors per order;
  • Flexible processing of orders;
  • Quantity parts to be drawn;
  • Multiple applications stocks lots and order management;
  • Easy to use. User friendly.


The PIBRA® EASYFORM solution is based on the “Lean Manufacturing” and process optimization and resource flexibilization principles. Therefore, Pinto Brasil’s range of products ensures waste decrease and the elimination of activities of no added value for the client, and a sustainable construction, because the use of raw materials, equipment, space, labour, and investment is minimal. Other than supplying Lean components, Pinto Brasil provides a seamless service from the 3D project to the production and supply of own means.


solutions consist of unions, joints, joint set, pipes, minirail, accessories and wheels.


The Lean production system agility, flexibility and implementation easiness, results in:

  • Increasing operative process quality levels;
  • Resource optimization;
  • Increasing productivity;
  • Decreasing order preparation time;
  • Decreasing assembly line length;
  • Improving working areas;
  • Decreasing stocks;
  • Decreasing internal logistics costs.