The CubeStocker is a Mini-Load Automated Storage and Retrieval System (mini-load AS/RS) designed for rapid and efficient storage and retrieval. It is ideal for managing wire spools, containers, trays, cases, and bins. This advanced system replaces slow, cumbersome processes, ushering in a new era of operational speed and efficiency.

Not only is the CubeStocker highly efficient, but it is also remarkably user-friendly. It seamlessly integrates with our Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) from the Movis Series, creating a fully synchronized and automated environment. Elevate your intralogistics operations with the CubeStocker and experience unparalleled performance and productivity.

Modular Metalic Structure

The CubeStocker, a modular metallic structure, is innovatively designed for the packing, management, and storage of containers. Rooted in automation, its technology is adaptable, ensuring perfect integration with specific Intralogistics and Production systems.

Its modular design coupled with automation ensures the CubeStocker offers a flexible yet efficient solution for container management and storage, adapting seamlessly to varied operational needs.


The TranStocker is a dynamic component storage system designed to maximize the use of industrial building heights. By efficiently utilizing the full vertical space available, the TranStocker significantly reduces area occupation costs and supports multiple storage levels. As an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), the TranStocker is specifically engineered for storing medium to large components vertically. Its advanced design and functionality make it an ideal solution for optimizing storage in industrial settings.

Experience the benefits of reduced area occupation costs and enhanced storage efficiency with the TranStocker, the next generation in component storage systems.

Dynamic Component Storage

The TranStocker stands as a beacon of dynamic component storage. With an impeccable design that maximizes the use of industrial building heights, it masterfully minimizes the challenges of high area occupation costs, while accommodating components across multiple storage levels.

Optimal space utilization combined with dynamic storage capabilities make the TranStocker a sought-after solution for industries seeking to optimize their storage without sacrificing efficiency.